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Star Citizen: Archilele's Jump Point Map


The map, itself, designed by @Archilele and originally published back in 2014 portrays a strategic arrangement of the star systems and corresponding jump points currently shown on Star Citizen's ARK Starmap.

Upon this profoundly useful, derivative work, produced by Archilele; I've coded and overlayed a matching hyperlink map to all of the corresponding articles, to date, available from Star Citizen's Galactic Guide. So, if you want in depth information on any star system displayed above, and there is anything on the star system in the Galactic Guide, clicking on the star will open the correspnding article in a separate tab.

When you put the mouse pointer over a Star, with an active hyperlink, a tooltip box pops up with a TOCC code. In it's present form, this is just some shorthand for the system name, broad class of system object and the year that the UEE first became aware of a jump point to the system. For example, in the code, HELB-2509:

  1. HEL - designates an abbreviation of the system name, Helios
  2. B - designates the emission classification for the main sequence dwarf B star.
  3. 2509 - designates the first year the UEE became aware of a jump point to this system.

The reason for the codes is to toss out some ideas for some chat shorthand while providing a ready reference to when each system began to play a role in the broader human civilisation - something which can be used as a tool to check for anachronisms in the lore and, if one happens to be writing up a historical piece about the deeper backstory related to ones character, org or a bit of fan fiction, these little details can be handy.

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Map of a network connecting multiple nodes
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